Our Team

Ugly & proud.


Alexandria Mockbee
Team member since May 2016

Favorite snack?
clementines, walnuts, and other small things that come from the dirt that i can fit in a small pocket.

What book are you reading?
my plate is perpetually full of things to devour. lately you can find me with anything by Susan Sontag in my hands, a work of children's literature (Rosalind Welcher's little books are a recent favorite), or woman-authored translated work from Russian or French (Tatyana Tolstaya's short stories/essays are slowly being gnawed at and Nina Bouraoui's novel Tomboy was just eaten clean).

What's your favorite thing about being a barista?
i like people. coffee is people. (people is not coffee, though).

What's a hidden talent you have that not many people know about (now everyone will know)?
i can eat an entire fist-sized mutsu apple in three minutes or less!

If you could share an experience with everyone in the world what would it be?
you're walking, or sitting, or something, anywhere, and are present, in your body; time diminishes, so does the border between your skin and the air, and you're able to just be there, neutral, and breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing. that, or love. but both are related.

Mario Rocchio
Team member since June 2016

What are you looking forward to this year?
I am going on a one to two week bikepacking trip (bikepacking = backpacking + mountain biking) in August with a rad group of people. The ride starts in Banff, Alberta and follows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and we will end up in Missoula, Montana. Although the entire route goes all the way to Mexico, we will only be doing the first 400 or so miles. 

What book are you reading?
I'm currently jumping around in the 2017 edition of The New Farmers Almanac. It's a really inspiring publication with many incredible contributors that is put together by The Greenhorns. It has a general theme of mindfulness and getting closer (physically, spiritually, and mentally) to the land you inhabit. I recommend it to anyone!

Album you're currently listening to on repeat?
Golem by a rad band called Wand. For me, it's a perfect balance of psych, melodies, heavy guitar riffs, and atmosphere. Perfect for opening a coffee shop, closing up a coffee shop, or even going to sleep to (seriously). 

Favorite snack?
Red Fern jam bars AKA jam daddies AKA slam bars AKA jammies AKA sweet saucy bastards AKA slam jams AKA gnar bars


Joe Clark
Team member since May 2017

Album you are currently listening to on repeat?
“Trash Generator” by Tera Melos

If you could share an experience with everyone in the world what would it be?
Playing a punk show in an old military bunker with your close friends in Slovenia on Thanksgiving. 

Top three things to do in Rochester
1) Seeing shows at Vineyard Community Space and Bug Jar
2) Eating way too much good food at Cedar’s
3) Laying in the grass at Highland Park

Favorite thing about being a barista?
Discovering the best brew method for different coffees.

Susie Moore
Team member since February 2018

What are you looking forward to this year?
Transferring to The College at Brockport in the fall.

What was your first concert?
I would go to my brother’s shows a lot as a kid, all over Rochester. Besides that it was Warped Tour ’09, baby!

What is your favorite thing about being a barista?
I get to work in my favorite kind of atmosphere! A community based space where people come and share ideas. I meet the coolest people, and I get to keep them caffeinated too.