Ugly Duck Coffee began as a multi-roaster pop-up espresso bar that traveled around the City of Rochester, NY. We partnered with local businesses to temporarily set-up within their walls, to offer patrons espresso based beverages. After almost one year on the move, we've settled into our own little home at 89 Charlotte St in the City of Rochester's East End.

We aim to serve espresso in an approachable way. Each drink is crafted with the intention of highlighting the characteristics of the coffee, while maintaining the integrity of the roasters we partner with. 

In addition to our shop, we also pop-up and cater special events! Head over here to see what that's about.



Gimme Coffee! 
Leftist Espresso Blend
| creamy, rich chocolate, toffee - full, chocolate syrup body
Colombia La Primavera Decaf | rich and dense like sweet bread, cocoa, currant, brown sugar

Case Coffee Roasters & Peaks Coffee Company

*Ugly Duck uses dairy, nut and soy products. Before placing your order, please inform the barista of any food allergies.


Current Art Show -  "Loved ones" by sara basher

Art Opening - Thursday, february, 8th  - 4:00pm - 6:00pm, sara basher displays "Loved ones" 

"Loved Ones" is a continued exploration of friends eating, stemming from the realization that my appreciation of food is a generous gift from the Italian matriarchs of my family."

 Musical guest- Donny Racino-  free to attend.


89 Charlotte St, Rochester NY 14607
Tuesday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday - Sunday 8:00am - 5:00pm


Drip Coffee // $2 | $2.50 | $3
Pour Over // $3.5
Cold Brew // $3.5

Espresso // $3
Macchiato // $3.5
Gibraltar // $4
Cappuccino // $4
Latte // $5
Iced Latte // $5
Mocha// $5.50
Iced Mocha // $5.50

Specialty Drinks:

Sage Advice// Espresso, Brown Sugar Sage Syrup, Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters, Steamed Milk or NDB

The Snug// Espresso, Maple Syrup, Fee Brothers Molasses Bitters, Steamed Milk

Sun Salutation// Turmeric, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Steamed Milk or NDB

Hot or Iced Tea // $3

Hot Chocolate//$3
Red Jacket Juice // $3

Snack  // MKT
Select Flour City Bakery Items
Scratch Bakeshop Cookies and Brownies
Red Fern Jam Bars and Granola

*all prices include NYS Sales Tax. There is no upcharge for non-dairy milks.